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Business Strategy.  What's your vision? Every company has the ability to bring transformation to their industry through innovation and perseverance.  It starts with a clear direction.  We work with all levels of your organization to identify the why, and then plan the how.

 Leadership Development. Create ways to incorporate leadership training in daily tasks.  Identify rising leaders and intentionally shape their growth.  Build systems to launch and propel leaders to new levels of confident decision making, team building, and project execution.

Gap Analysis.  What's missing?  We design feedback loops to get input from your stakeholders, including clients, partners, suppliers, industry leaders, and all levels of your organizations.  We identify areas of growth and make recommendations to strengthen your business so you can focus on what you do best.

Want more?  We can customize solutions to meet your urgent and important challenges.  Let's talk!

Strategic Planning: Services
Strategic Planning: Testimonials

It was delightful having September with us. I’ve had many people visit over the years, and few have had the kind of positive impact that September had. She has an uncommon wisdom for organizational structure, strategy, and creating connections. I know she has been greatly used in each organization she has visited and gathered wisdom along the way. We were definitely the recipient of her talents which she shares in a way that is easy to accept and consider. Our staff loved her!

Julie Secrist, Executive Director
HEED Uganda

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