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Leadership in Crisis: Feedback Systems

Normal communication channels may not be sufficient to get you the information you need in a crisis.  Here are some ideas to create feedback systems.

Create small groups. Diverse teams of geographic and work responsibility will help ideas cross pollinate.  Teams of 5-10 people encourages participation.

Brainstorm daily. Schedule stand-ups, 10 minute meetings, for teams to share client feedback and ideas. This is critical in a fast-paced crisis environment where things change constantly.

Pick up the phone. Schedule individual calls on a rotational basis to ask about recommendations. 

Feedback portal. Set up an internal website or email for team members ideas. Send reminders. Thank contributors personally.

Influencer amplifiers. Every network has key people who hold relationships and have the best company gossip. These are people who have a pulse on what’s going on and can give you valuable feedback.  

Ensure that suggestions coming out of these tactics are sent up to leadership daily. Read them.  Let your team know trends you are seeing and how you are responding. You’ll be stronger, relevant, and have a more engaged and motivated team when you get through the crisis.

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