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5 Ways to Keep a Virtual Team Engaged

1) Clear Communication. Reformat your emails like marketing material. The most important information should pop. It should be short. Your team should know why you are sending it to them and their expected action.

2) Continued Connection. Working virtually for long periods of time is different that occasionally teleworking. Isolation can set in. The camaraderie of a shared cup of coffee and quick weekend catch up are missing. Check in socially and encourage your team to reach out to co-workers like they would in the office. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone!

3) Established Expectations. Virtual work takes more trust. As much as you want to ensure your team is working on your priorities, they want you to know they are still producing.

4) Information Flow. Communication channels will look different. Establish who is responsible to update team members on what information and how often. Aim to over-communicate critical updates through both email and conference calls. Your team needs to feel informed and reassured about your plans and direction.

5) Laugh Often. Let your personality show through your communication. Your virtual team spirit can be a powerful motivator in challenging times.

What would you add?

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